A doula is a person who provides emotional and physical support to you during your pregnancy and childbirth. A doula is not medical professional. We don’t deliver babies or provide medical care. A certified doula has been trained and has taken exam in how to help pregnant women and their families during this exciting but challenging experience. What Does a Doula Do? Doulas also provide education during pregnancy.

Doulas perform different roles in different situation, depending on the needs of the family.

  • Labor or birth doulas provide continuous care during  pregnancy and labor.
  • Antepartum doulas support women who are put on bed rest to prevent preterm labor. They help with household tasks and childcare.
  • Postpartum doulas support the new mom during the first few weeks after birth. They help with care and feeding of the baby, with siblings and household tasks.

Doula Services:

Doula Birth Package $750.00
Includes 1 each Pre-natal & Postpartum Massage
Includes a Baby & Infant Massage Class

Doula Post-partum Package: $500.00
Includes 10 at home visits to help mom & family

Post-Partum by the hour: $55.00

Doula Massage Package $500.00
Includes 10 pre-natal or post-partum massages

baby & Infant Massage Class

Doula Add-On Packages

Pre-natal Massage w/ Doula Package                     $55.00

Postpartum Massage w/ Doula Package                 $55.00

Pre-natal Massages (Eight 60 minute massages) $500.00

Postpartum Massages (Eight 60 minute massages) $500.00

Each Additional Massage w/ Package                      $45.00